Discovery is a group interaction series that allows both followers and Non followers of Jesus the Christ to examine their faith lives thru connections and relationships.


The focus of Discovery is to look at a relationship with God thru Jesus the Christ, from more of a connection and relational viewpoint, using only the king James or NKJV* of the Bible and a dictionary*.


The desired outcome is for participants to understand that our connection and relationship to God thru Jesus the Christ is the same across all generations, including those in the Biblical text.

While starting with any study is OK, we advise that your group start with Pew Partners, as it allows for each member of the study to understand where each participant is at, in their Walk with or Walk to Christ.  This may be helpful as you move thru some of the more challenging studies.

We feel that each study is best fitted for groups of 4 - 10 participants. Each study is not confined to a time constraint, in other words, discussion should be fully pursued as it was at Marshill.

*use of the NKJV is not a doctrinal choice but a need for uniformity . It is critical as the word use has not been changed significantly and using the dictionary to define certain words is critical.

Ex.  God is Good........Define Good......substitute definition of good.............God is Righteous 

Group Interactions Series


This study allows participants to get to know each other thru sharing how each come to walk with Christ and how relationships at all levels are what connects us to Christ across all generations.  It is targeted for a group composed of followers of Jesus the Christ and those yet to make a decision.

Pew Partners

Postponed due to Covid

This study will be difficult.  It will challenge participants to examine the relationship with Satan all Christians have and how our connection to each other through Jesus the Christ is key to managing it.

The Other Relationship

Wild Icelandic Horses

This study allows participants to examine a part of church doctrine that is not directly mentioned in scripture, The Trinity. The study provides for ample discussion and will require participants to leave traditional ideology at the door.


Postponed due to Covid

""For many of us, our faith is the cornerstone of our lives.  But to often that cornerstone is all that is seen, not the foundation the stone is laid on."