Thank you for checking us out.  

We are new, just launching, and building as we go.  

Please, look around and check back often. Remember, this site is not to promote doctrine , narrow ideology, or any thing else that drives people from committing to a belief that turns into their faith.

We want to introduce topics for thought and conversation to help individuals either reaffirm the decision already made, to re-access the strength of the decision made or to help individuals seeking, to make a decision either to follow or not to follow Jesus the Christ.

Ultimately, the decision to follow a belief lies with the person, and not with society or popular opinion.  From there, the belief becomes faith, and that is when the soul understands why it exists, Today and for Eternity.

>>>>What is<<<<

We are an outreach challenging Followers  and Skeptics of  God and Jesus the Christ to take a deeper look at  their  belief and Faith decision and at the foundation upon which each has been built upon.

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