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Pew Partners



We are at war.  Everyday that passes is a day closer to the return of Jesus as he promised.  Everyday that we get closer to the return of Jesus is a day less that Satan has to turn the hearts of the believers from the truth.


As believers and followers of Jesus, this should be as no surprise to us. And this should be something we stay readily mindful of while we are keeping watch.


The unfortunate part of this is that as the days on this earth grow shorter the tactics of Satan are more sophisticated.  We must remember that Satan’s job is to lead us away from God. Away from the commitment we made in Christ and return us unsuspectedly to darkness.


Satan’s Job is to challenge the committed and confuse the uncommitted.  


Are we truly ready for the war. Over the years it has waged in far off lands, but now it is at our doorsteps.  And for many of us we did not see it coming.  


Cultural, theological, societal, and many other changes have taken place to slowly allow the war to move to our doorstep.  Generation by generation, the changes have slowly crept in and we have not kept watch.  And are we ready?  Most likely not.


The focus of Pew Partners is a boot camp for the follower and seeker. Each Chapter will require diligence and honesty from each participant as he or she works through a series of exercises to not only examine how people in the Bible came to know and form their relationship with Jesus but for the participants to openly discuss the same for themselves.  The success of this is measured when we merely quite skipping rocks across the water when we talk about our faith decision, and we boldly jump in and fully submerge others in our stories in order that they may come to really know who we are.  Either, in Jesus or not, we must firmly establish the foundation on which we will stand as the war rages. 


You may decide that Jesus is not for you or maybe you have decided that He is.  My hope is that whether you are on the fence or have decided not to follow him, that this experience has helped you solidify your decision for the present.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1     Uncovering the Foundation


Chapter 2    Articulating the Relationship


Chapter 3     Influences and Encouragement


Chapter 4    Experience, Understanding and Defining Moments


Chapter 5     Continuing The Walk

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