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Like many other aspects of our lives, many of us become entrenched in what we believe and how we believe it.  To often, as we become this way, we  become closed minded to other views or interpretations that lead to the same answer. 

As the world has become more open, unfortunately,  the Church (universal) seems to have become more closed, more indoctrinated to a certain way to believe or interpret scripture,  than how to use the Love of God thru Jesus the Christ to be more open.

Here,  ideas, thoughts and even sermon transcripts will be posted.  Use them as a basis for discussion, research the thought through scripture, Whether you agree or disagree, my hope is the experience helps you to further validate your choice on faith.

To the indoctrinated, BE WARNED, some of this content will be  unsettling. 


To those that are open, please read and enjoy, be challenged, and examine where you are spiritually, and make sure the final decision you make is of your own because it is a belief  you can follow, not a belief you have been indoctrinated with.

Patriotism, it is a big word full of meaning, but do you fully understand it.  I thought I did until a conversation I had several years ago with a retired Marine.  You see, I believed that Patriotism, as most all of us do, meant that I loved this country and wanted the best outcome for it in every aspect.  How ever, I was wrong.  This Marine spent his career, according to him, "Doing jobs that did not exist in parts of the world that did not exist." It was he that not only brought me to an understanding of Patriotism but to a closer understanding of my relationship with God. 


As We are in the mist of an eminent election that will determine the course of this Country for years to come, I hear the word Patriotism thrown around like a cheap feel good word. Why, because as I hear that word used so carelessly and without respect, I am so powerfully reminded of the definition that my Marine friend shared with me.  

In our conversation, he simply said, (my Name) Patriotism is not wanting the best for your country or waving a flag, Patriotism is a willingness, no a desire and understanding, to give your life up in order that those that come after you can can have the opportunity to experience what you were so willing to die for."

As you so exhaustively, sing the attribute of any of the candidates in the upcoming election, do you truly view him/her as a patriot, is he/she willing to die for this country, to die for you to experience what he/she believes is going to come. Or is an alternative agenda at hand.

This conversation took place some time before and, shortly after, the election of a very controversial president prior to 2002.  

I ask you today, are you a Patriot, not of God, Not of Jesus, but of the Word and your experience of being a follower of Jesus the Christ.  Are you willing to literally die in order that the generations that follow you, regardless of denomination, race, sexual preference, political affiliation, or what ever, may have the opportunity to learn of and experience God thru Jesus the Christ in the same self interpretive manner as you have experienced.  


Jesus was the greatest example of a Patriot. He experienced the Love and Grace of God.  He shared with it us and was willing to and did die in order that we, even today, could have the same opportunity to experience God in our own way as he did while on this earth.

What we believe in our Understanding of God and Jesus will eventually cause us persecution according to Paul.  And persecution is not being told you cant have church because of a virus, persecution is being told you cant worship God without consequence, and yes even death.

I ask, as followers are we really portraying Jesus the Christ in our actions in this environment.  I see Pastors still holding service and trying to find the loopholes in the Stay at Home orders to keep the Church  open.  I ask is this correct.  We are called to be Obedient to both God's law and Man's Law. And as we approach Easter we forget the example of Jesus.  He subjected himself to the law of man, yes, Roman Law under Pilot.  And if he had not, would we celebrate Easter.  He fulfilled prophesy and in order to do such, he obeyed the law of Man, the law that lead to the cross.  Are we truly representing Jesus in our actions or are we detracting from his teachings by trying to make a personal statement and just using Jesus for our personal benefit to make the orders "not apply" to us.

 So, how have you been?  This year has been,to say the least, challenging. How have you connected, are you getting the interaction you desire, what fills your time? 

In difficult times I like to try to relate the circumstance I am in with something Jesus experienced.  And thru this time period, I have been looking at the temptation he faced from Satan.

Jesus had spent forty days in desolation and isolation before meeting Satan and the distractions Satan had to offer to pull him away from his commitment to God?

Over these past 6 - 7 months have you missed church.  In the absence of Church, what have you been busy doing?  What temptations have been brought before you to distract you from your commitment to God? Have you given into to any? 

Remember, forgiveness was on the Cross, but Repentance is what we do to show our commitment to God thru Jesus. 

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