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The Bible

The Bible has been used by both followers for Jesus to prove his existence and by skeptics to support the arguments against the existence of Jesus. 

So how should you view the bible.

In the beginning of your research, simply use it as a history book.  Look for parallels to other writings thru out history that coincide or support with world events, leaders, etc. that are mentioned in the Bible.  See what other religions have to say about Jesus.

Read the new Testament as a history of the man named Jesus. Only focus on that the first time. Then as you digest Jesus as a man, start considering the works and miracles he did.  From their decide if his teachings are of value.  It is not until you digest  this that you are able to see him as a man different from others, a man driven by a LOVE no other man has been able to convey. 

Most importantly put the reading in context. the King James Version of the Bible is not the definitive writings of the story of Jesus.  Read other Bibles such as the Catholic bible, The book of Jasher and the books of the Apothecary.

All of which are mostly frowned upon in the protestant church. Why? because the protestant church seems to start time for the official tex of Jesus to be the King James version of the bible.  And that the KJV was written at the inspiration of God.  

I disagree with that.  If the Bible, especially the New Testament, is written at the inspiration of God, then we do not need faith.  God told us what to believe, and that is it.  

I believe that the New Testament, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, was so powerful to witness, that those who lived it sought to tell about it from their individual viewpoint, which was later written down as oral tradition died.  I do not believe the writings are ones of inspiration, BUT OF INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCE.  That is why they are not identical, the experience was different for each and told from different perspectives.  That is why it is so important to look beyond the Bible as you are on this journey.  

In everyday life we do not view every relationship identically or as our neighbor does, to me that is the beauty of the New Testament, the differences and yes the contradictions, show how individual faith is built. 

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