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Freewill is probably the most important part of building a relationship with Jesus.  Too often when someone comes to Jesus, there is a question of worth, Am I worthy to have a relationship with Jesus? Unfortunately, for many, self doubt over shadows the most important part of Jesus, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Coming to Jesus you have to prove NOTHING. He has already ACCEPTED YOU AS YOU ARE FOR WHO YOU ARE.




I was recently asked by young lady to explain free will vs human nature. And her question raised a concern that if God's plan is already in action or if God knows what our decisions are going to be, does free will really exist or is it just a misconception.


I answered her by stating that God's plan was set in motion at creation of time. He knew we would betray him from the garden of Eden and another course of action would be set in order for us to be reconciled back to him and be in his presence once more. That freewill dealt with our desires and our choices to be a part of that plan that we may live our lives freely and that he would be able to use our decisions in the best way to benefit that plan of reconciliation for ourselves.  


But after further discernment,  I've come to a new conclusion a new understanding of free will. Free Will is not our ability to make decisions and live our lives as we wish and hope for an outcome that would be desirable and beneficial to us, that is just human nature. Free will is what Jesus showed command and control over at Easter. Jesus had all the capabilities and resources to cause the events of the crucifixion not to take place, to not have to suffer. He had the power and authority to seek vengeance on all those who sought to harm him but he did not. In freewill he did not use his ability for his benefit but choose to benefit others.


From this I see free will as simply being a decision that we make to live our lives in one of three ways


A life of dedicated love.  


A life of dedicated hate.


A life of dedicated indifference.


The decision we make here is spiritual.


Human nature is about surviving in the current circumstance and using our capabilities to benefit ourselves first.


Freewill is about living life in all circumstances and relationship to benefit others first.


These are not the same.  They are not compatible. .


One can lead us to look at Jesus,

The other can lead us to walk with Jesus.


Neither is about determining our eternal destination, but each is about the path we take to get there.


They are not interchangeable.


They are not compatible.


They both deal with a desire of the heart.  And that is where we meet God….that is where God knows about our decisions. That is where our eternity is determined, not by God but by us .


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