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Everybody, at some point in life looks for meaning and purpose.  That is basic Human action.  This desire to seek that which is beyond us is not abnormal, it is purely normal.  But all to often, we fail to seek what were are looking for objectively.  In other words we allow group think and outside influences to shape that which we are looking for.  We become subject to popular ideology and fail to develop our belief independently based on our own experience and research. We try to build our belief on or tie it to someone else's belief, leaving us never fully understanding our own belief with confidence.

For decades, this is where I lived.  Even after becoming a pastor and leading a church, I never realized that I had not completely claimed what I believed about God, Jesus, and what is and is to come.  Then the Pandemic came.  and like many, the relationships, rituals and routines I had built my belief upon were not readily there anymore.  This was the epiphany for me, I was then forced, whether I liked or not, to examine my relationship with Jesus, and clearly define it.  Why, because, as I stated earlier, to often we build it dependently instead of independently, and as a result when we are apart from our foundation, we start to crumple.  But if you first build the foundation in Jesus, then the other parts become the support.

Any, exploration of interacting with Jesus requires the inquirer to understand the basic reason for Jesus the Christ to exist, and that reason is Love.  Jesus is Perfect Love embodied.  In Jesus, there is no judgement, no condemnation.  We, regardless of any part of our life choices, are loved.  Jesus does not see race, sexuality, judgement, addiction, or any other factor the World and, yes, the Church looks for as a means to Judge, separate and alienate us from Jesus.  To make us feel inadequate.  Jesus only sees us for what we are.  And what we are is a people on a journey trying to make it back home to our father.  


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