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Scripted is a gathering of Followers and Non followers of Jesus the Christ.  

While the three parts of The Choice Project, (Scripted, Unscripted and Discovery) are all geared towards a format as was at Marshill in the Areopagus environment, Scripted is the only format under the project that seeks to bring all together in a fellowship environment.

During a Scripted event, there will be music, there will be a message, but most importantly there will be discussion.

Scripted is an attempt to bring the message of Jesus the Christ out in the open again, beyond the doors of the Church to an open minded audience of individuals ready or trying to make a decision on Faith. Scripted seeks to bring the message of Jesus the Christ out, in order that it may be heard, scrutinized and discerned by all, just as Paul did at the Areopagus.

Scripted is not to be viewed as a revival, in the aspect of the traditional Church sense.  Scripted is to be viewed as a revived why of presenting the Truth of Jesus the Christ and the one doctrine of God, the doctrine of Love. 

The desired outcome for these events is the same as what happened with the Areopagus (Acts ch17 V32-34) : "Some mocked, others needed to hear more, and some joined in believing.  Regardless, everyone made a decision. 


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