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Probably the most confusing thing in the Christian religion to both the believer and skeptic, is the Trinity.  What is the Trinity you ask, it is the combination of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, all of which are individually referenced in the Bible.

I once was told by a minster that held a seat with the ordination committee of his denomination, that the answer he was looking for when he asked a candidate to explain the trinity, was simply, "it cant be explained."

Is Jesus God, is God Jesus and what about the HOLY Spirit are always questions that individuals have as they explore Jesus.

Here is how I approach it as a minister.  Keep it simple, follow the thread and assume nothing.  Here you rely on personal experience, discernment, and direct scripture (what it says, not what you may think it implies)

1.  Where did God come from? Above my pay grade, my experience points me to his existence.

2. Is  God Jesus? No, in scripture, we are told God cannot be in the presence of sin, thus the exile from the Garden of Eden.  In Scripture, Jesus states to not call him good, only the Father (God) is good.  In revelation, when John bows to the angel, he is told to do it not, but to Worship God. This clearly separates Jesus and God to individuals.  Finally, we are told in scripture that we must believe God Called Jesus from the grave.

3.  Is Jesus God? No, but in part.  In scripture we are shown God cannot be in the presence of sin.  Jesus was born flesh, he thirsted, hungered,  wept, got angry, suffered , bleed and died.  He was tempted by Satan, thus clearly showing he was flesh. God called him from the grave., On the cross, Jesus calls out "My God, why have you forsaken me" as he suffers the sins of the world.  The "in part" of the answer comes from the Holy Spirit. Scripture tells us that Jesus sits at the right hand of He who sits on the Thrown.  Most importantly, Jesus clearly states that only God knows when He (Jesus) will return to Earth.  This separation of knowledge clearly shows two, God and Jesus.

4.  What is the Holy spirit?  Some say it is God. We are told in the Old testament that God is Spirit.  when you consider Jesus and his conception, it is clear, that is the "in part" from #3 above.  Jesus states to the disciples that he will send a helper, the Holy Spirit, after he ascends.  The holy spirit appears throughout the bible.  I believe the Holy Spirit is that part of God that 1. entered flesh at the conception of Jesus,  2. Filled Jesus in order that he may represent the love of God in the Flesh and 3. departed from Jesus on the cross.  I support this by scripture, "That the only unforgiveable sin is blasphemy of the Hoy Spirit".  Blasphemy of that part of God that had to get in the presence of sin in order that we may be reconciled.

God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit

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